Telegram Escort Scam

For a long time, I wondered how the many “escorts” found on social media, particularly on Telegram, managed to make money.

Even in Italy, in fact, albeit a bit slower compared to the rest of the technological world, this communication and social system is gaining traction.

Obviously, the very first explorers – and I would also say pioneers of the scam system on Telegram – are males, who we might describe as “ardent”. Ready for anything just to see a bit of exposed skin.

The so-called keyboard lions, those who send their own pornographic photos to any account they find, as long as it has a name that is even remotely feminine. And who, obviously, fall for it like pears (no offense intended, we’re joking and we’re here to highlight the danger) at the first chat with a hint of a woman.

How the Telegram Escort Scam Works

Normally, the fake escort, because that’s what it is, starts with a message left in some Telegram group. Here’s an example:

I am an escort available for any sexual pleasure if you are interested contact me for more details and to have my nude spent a beautiful moment of pleasure with me for free😍

As I’ve read in other interesting articles on this subject, men who respond thinking they’re really going to meet the escort, or to get free photos or pornographic videos, must have disconnected their brain after the first word. Reading carefully, one notices some very unusual linguistic inflections, which should at least light a spark in the gray matter. Ladies, forgive me, but I don’t think they have much to do with the matter, except to check on some husband or partner who is too diligent in sending Telegram messages. Our alpha male, then, will set off to conquer the fake escort girl on Telegram, and start the chat. The girl, or rather the foreign person hiding behind the Telegram chat – probably with a beard and hairs sticking out of short shorts and short white socks – will then send another couple of photos. Even in this case, as with the text, with a bit of attention, one understands that it’s all fake. The escort girl is always young, not too young because that would be suspicious, usually between 24 and 28.

How They Steal Money on Telegram

So far, nothing bad has happened, unless the wife or partner picks up the phone while the alpha male is drooling. The guy will then ask for a meeting, after reading the rates the fake escort sent him. Here’s an example, although the variability is quite high:

  • 1h 100 €
  • 2h 150 €
  • 3 hours 180 €
  • One night € 200
  • One day 250 €
  • € 400 for the weekend

The next question from the big guy will be: “How can I meet you?” And here, beware, the scam begins. The male is now boiled, understands nothing anymore, and perhaps will have in front of him the various fake photos that the gentleman behind the keyboard, while eating chips, will have sent. The brain is completely disconnected, and here’s how to scam a person on Telegram or any other social media.

  • yes, you can meet me tomorrow but you need to reserve your spot for tomorrow
  • to meet me you will pay a reservation of 50 € to make sure you really come to me and then I send you my home address and you automatically reach me
  • the reservation is not made through an xxxyyy online recharge link, do you want me to send you the link?

The link leads to a site where you can pay with many different systems, you recharge a prepaid card that can be registered to anyone in the world. There are no guarantees, and the site where the transaction occurs does not offer any insurance for the payment, or refund. In reality, the site where you are sent is just a mediator, although I imagine they can guess what kind of transactions these are. Useless, once paid, to ask for a refund. Also because you probably won’t find anyone to ask. If you object with a technical problem, or a doubt, here’s an alternative right away: go to the tobacconist, or better to the “distributor” and recharge a Google credit of 50 euros:

go to the gas station to pay for a 50 € Google Play card that’s all

You can imagine the next part yourselves, at this point. The fake Telegram escort disappears with the 50 euros for the reservation, and you will never find them again.

Telegram offers anonymity and privacy, but the same scam can easily be executed with many other social and communication systems.

The 50 euros will disappear into the net, and your hairy escort friend will drink a coke to your health, immediately moving on to pluck another pigeon.

The only solution is to engage your brain before taking action on all communication platforms.

The signs, if you choose to read them, are all there, and it’s necessary to always keep your eyes open. The male is usually attracted to the non-professional escort, often by the amateur milf who does it “only now and then” or by the one who, poor thing, needs to pay for university.

These things do not exist; they are solely and exclusively smoky images in the brain of those who want to be convinced. If you want to throw away your 50 euros to be convinced, otherwise use them to do something more useful.