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Innovation and Customization at the Service of Medium and Large Enterprises

As technology advances, business needs continually evolve. Lolli Group stays at the forefront, incorporating advanced and customized artificial intelligence solutions into its management platforms, ideal for medium and large enterprises. Each Lolli Group solution is designed to save time and money, optimizing processes and enhancing business efficiency.

Here’s an overview of the artificial intelligence features you can expect in Lolli Group’s management solutions, each customizable to your needs:

  • Claude 2: Suitable for predictive analysis and decision support. Learn more
  • Copilot: Optimized for process automation and system integration. Learn more
  • Gemini: Ideal for customer relationship management and marketing automation. Learn more
  • Poe: Focused on content generation and customer interaction. Learn more
  • Chatsonic: Specialized in advanced customer support and real-time assistance. Learn more
  • Perplexity: Designed for data analysis and commercial insight extraction. Learn more
  • Copy AI: Used for marketing content creation and customized communications. Learn more

All these features are integrable into Lolli Group’s management systems, which are always delivered turnkey, ensuring a quick and seamless implementation. By choosing Lolli Group, you choose a partner that understands and proactively responds to your needs, with solutions that perfectly fit your business reality.

Visit our website to learn more about the innovative solutions from Lolli Group or contact us for a customized consultation.

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Introducing the New CRM Software for Call Centers by Lolli Group

CRM Software for Call Centers by Lolli Group 📞💼

In the fast-paced world of call centers, effective customer relationship management (CRM) is crucial. Lolli Group is excited to unveil our latest innovation: a specialized CRM software designed specifically for call centers, priced at an all-inclusive rate of just €499 per month.

Key Features of Our CRM Software:

  • Centralized Customer Data: Keep all customer interactions and data in one place, making it easy to manage and analyze. From call logs and contact details to service history and account notes, everything is at your fingertips.
  • Real-time Interaction Tracking: Monitor interactions as they happen, providing your team with the ability to respond swiftly and effectively to customer needs.
  • Automated Workflow Management: Streamline processes and reduce manual effort with automated workflows. This feature ensures that follow-ups, ticketing, and task assignments are handled efficiently, saving you time and resources.

Enhanced Communication Tools:

  • Multi-Channel Integration: Our CRM integrates seamlessly with various communication platforms such as email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. This integration allows your team to engage with customers on their preferred platforms without switching between different apps.
  • Voice Over IP (VoIP) Capabilities: Make and receive calls directly within the CRM. This integration not only simplifies communication but also enhances call tracking and data collection.

AI-Driven Features for Advanced Performance:

  • AI-Powered Response Suggestions: Utilize AI to offer real-time response suggestions to your agents, enhancing the quality and speed of customer service.
  • Automated Customer Insights: Gain deeper insights into customer behavior and preferences with AI-driven analytics, helping you make informed decisions and personalize the customer experience.

All-Inclusive Pricing:
At just €499 per month, our CRM software provides an all-encompassing solution that includes all features and updates without any hidden costs.

Connect and Expand:

  • External Service Integration: Extend the functionality of your CRM by integrating with external services such as SMS gateways, WhatsApp, or Messenger for broader communication reach.
  • Scalable Architecture: Whether you’re a small call center or a large enterprise, our CRM scales to meet your growing needs without compromising performance.

AI Integration for Enhanced User Engagement:

  • Intelligent Automation: Automate responses and interactions based on customer data and past interactions. Our CRM can simulate human-like interactions, providing a seamless experience for the user.
  • Predictive Analytics: Leverage AI to predict customer needs and trends, allowing your team to proactively address issues and opportunities.

In conclusion, Lolli Group’s CRM software for call centers is designed to empower your business with sophisticated tools and technologies at a competitive price of €499 per month. It’s not just software; it’s a game changer for your call center operations, providing everything you need to enhance customer relationships and streamline your processes.

Transform your call center with Lolli Group’s CRM software—where technology meets efficiency at just €499 per month. 🚀👨‍💼


AI – Stop wasting hours in manual work

🌟 All our custom Lolli Group management systems are integrated with the latest AI apps. This means you can skip the tedious, time-consuming manual tasks.

Here are some examples of applications that will save you hundreds of hours of work, even if you don’t have a Lolli Group management system yet! 🕒💼

#Efficiency #Technology #AIIntegration #TimeSaver #LolliGroup

  1. Bardeen
    Automate tasks effortlessly in your favorite apps using AI.
  2. Zapier
    Workflow automation software suitable for anyone and everyone.
  3. Make
    Visually create, build, and automate your workflows with ease.
  4. Pipedream
    A developer-focused workflow automation tool.
  5. Pabbly Connect
    Connect and automate your applications easily.
  6. Workato
    A cloud-based integration platform that leverages AI to automate organizational workflows.
  7. Parabola
    Automate complex processes using a drag-and-drop visual editor.
  8. Chatsimple
    Build AI-powered chatbots and automate sales processes to generate leads on autopilot.
  9. Integrately
    Set up automations quickly and effortlessly with a user-friendly interface.
  10. IFTTT
    Automate online services using a web-based platform.
  11. LG ShopSync
    Connect Filemaker to any Woocommerce and automatize any eCommerce step


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Corporate Sustainability: How ERP Systems Make It Eight Times Easier

In an era where sustainability is both an ethical and strategic imperative for businesses, adopting a green approach is essential for ensuring long-term growth. Sustainability involves more than just responsible management of environmental resources; it also includes the internal efficiency of business processes.

A key tool in achieving this goal is the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system—and we’re here to explain why!

Toward the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive – CSRD

In recent years, the European Union has introduced significant changes aimed at becoming a leader in the sustainable transition globally. It has adopted measures like the Industrial Green Deal and the roadmap for Sustainable Finance by the European Banking Authority.

More recently, it approved and published Directive No. 2022/2464 on corporate sustainability reporting (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive – CSRD), which amends previous rules on the obligation to communicate non-financial information for large enterprises.

The goal is indeed to improve sustainability information so that environmental, social responsibility, and governance (ESG) results are considered as important as traditional financial information in corporate financial statements.

Member states now have 18 months from its publication to transpose this directive, being mindful of the businesses involved.

ERP and Corporate Sustainability

An ERP system, short for Enterprise Resource Planning, is software that integrates and manages a company’s resources, including processes, data, human resources, and other critical elements such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The primary goal of an ERP system is to enhance the efficiency and consistency of business operations, allowing for a comprehensive and integrated view of all business functions.

But what does ERP have to do with corporate sustainability? Using an ERP system not only optimizes operational efficiency but also helps mitigate environmental impact by planning resources, managing supplies, and controlling waste.

Investing in a sustainable ERP is not just a forward-looking business move but also a concrete step towards a business model that promotes a balance between economic growth and environmental responsibility.

8 Reasons Why Using an ERP Is Green

  1. Sustainable Resource Management: Implementing an ERP system enables a company to monitor energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and material use throughout the production process. This detailed resource tracking allows the company to identify potential waste or inefficiencies, paving the way for critical and targeted operational analysis.
  2. Human Resources Control: ERP platforms include dedicated Human Resources Management (HRM) modules that enable organizations to efficiently coordinate various human resources activities. Processes like absence management, performance evaluations, attendance recording, and hiring and firing become more efficient and automated.
  3. Paper Reduction and Lean Manufacturing: ERP systems facilitate the complete digitalization of business document flow, significantly reducing paper consumption and the environmental impact associated with paper production and disposal.
  4. Demand Planning and Transport Optimization: For manufacturers, accurate forecasting is crucial. ERP systems provide precision in identifying how, where, and to what extent future customer demands will affect business operations, optimizing supply chain performance and reducing transportation costs.
  5. Traceability: ERP systems allow tracking of each product and component throughout the entire production process, from raw material intake to final product shipment to the customer.
  6. Environmental Footprint Monitoring: ERP systems help track the amount of energy, water, materials, and natural resources used in the production of goods and services, allowing companies to calculate and reduce their environmental footprint.
  7. Enhanced Remote Collaboration: With an ERP system, employees can share information and collaborate remotely, reducing the need to travel and, consequently, the environmental impact associated with transportation.
  8. Monitoring Environmental Performance: ERP systems facilitate data collection on a company’s environmental performance, such as energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, allowing for the assessment of sustainability progress and identification of improvement areas.

ERP Software: The Green Choice for Your Business

In summary, using an ERP system allows companies not only to manage resources efficiently and ecologically but also to monitor and improve their environmental performance. This, in turn, contributes to creating a more sustainable business in the long term. Have you already integrated an ERP system into your sustainability strategy?

An ERP system is not only a green choice but also a smart choice for integrated resource and process management, enabling rapid adaptation to market changes or the surrounding environment. This contributes to maintaining business sustainability even in crisis situations. Thus, using an ERP system is not only a sustainable choice in the short term but also in the long term to ensure the survival and success of the company.

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🚀 Introducing LG ShopSync: The Ultimate WooCommerce & FileMaker Integration! 🚀

Say goodbye to the headache of juggling between your WooCommerce store and Claris FileMaker database. With LG ShopSync, seamlessly sync your online shop’s products, orders, and intricate details with your Claris FileMaker system in real-time! 💥 No more manual entries, no more errors!

Why LG ShopSync?

– 🛠 Fully Unlocked: Customize and integrate directly into your Claris FileMaker solution.
– 🔄 Real-Time Sync: Products, orders, customers, coupons, and much more!
– 📲 Cross-Platform Compatibility: Perfect for both Mac and Windows. Runs smoothly with Claris FileMaker Pro v12 and later versions.
– 🌍 Webhooks Ready: Automate order creation directly from WooCommerce to Claris FileMaker. (Claris FileMaker Server required)
– 🔒 Secure & Reliable: Designed to work with WooCommerce v3.0 or later (HTTPS mandatory).

Powerful Features Include:

– Upload/download customers, orders, products, variations, and coupons with a simple click.
– Specialized support for product variations, tax rates, shipping methods, and much more.
– Enhanced with the latest Claris FileMaker tech, including JSON for script parameters.
– Optimized data handling for bulk downloads, ensuring speed and efficiency.

What’s New?

LG ShopSync now harnesses the power of Claris FileMaker Pro v16+, featuring card windows, native button bars, and improved layout design for an unparalleled user experience. Our latest update also brings webhook support for seamless integration and real-time data exchange.

Exclusive Demo:

Take LG ShopSync for a spin! Visit our live demo at Web LG ShopSync in Action! 🌐 and witness firsthand how it can transform your eCommerce management.

Special Launch Offer:

Get LG ShopSync now for an unbeatable price of only €29.99/month, including setup! 💸

Embrace Efficiency, Embrace Growth with LG ShopSync. Say no to double data entry and yes to more time focusing on what truly matters – growing your business. 🌟

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Gmail inbox full? Goals for 2024: eliminate spam

The Gmail inbox, like an iCloud account or other email managers, is the most important digital space for a digital user. Just as you avoid accumulating dirty dishes in the kitchen, in the same way, the Google Gmail email box must be kept free from digital trash, also to avert as much as possible the increasingly common attempts at phishing.

Why does the inbox fill up with so much spam, or with unwanted email messages?

Just responding once to an unwanted email, clicking on a link, or asking for information by filling out some online form that does not respect privacy rules, is enough to start receiving useless messages from all over the world. Proposals for purchases of all kinds are the first thing, followed then by scam attempts we have already extensively talked about on our blog.

For 2023, a new digital resolution could involve cleaning the Gmail or iCloud email box, keeping the digital space as clean as possible, and trying to eliminate time wasters and dangers of the web.

Let’s see how to do it, taking a Gmail inbox as an example, although the procedure is valid for any other email box.

Eliminating Spam from Gmail

In this regard, the Gmail inbox offers no small help. Thanks to Google’s systems, the box is already free, as far as possible, from all addresses that send known spam. This does not mean that it is completely clean, but Gmail offers us decisive support. Spam, phishing, and known malware are blocked by Google by over 99%. There remains a small portion to be manually checked, usually concerning addresses not yet known, or less “crude” attempts by hackers from all over the world.

It’s all really simple. From the email client, or from the Gmail mailbox web page, it’s enough to click on the icon (or depending on the systems right-click) and confirm “Report as spam”. From this moment, the origin of that email will be blocked by Gmail systems and thrown directly into the junk mail folder. Simple, right?

Archiving Read Emails

After hoarding useless messages and little notes from acquaintances and friends, with all the images available on the web of wishes for 2023, with champagne and glasses, or nights full of fireworks, it’s time to think about the new year.

You don’t want to, perhaps out of pity, put the greeting email in spam, which only served to stir up web traffic, and which you looked at for a maximum of 2 seconds. So, what to do to avoid that every future email from your beach friend ends up in spam?

The operation is as simple as the previous one. In this case, however, instead of the spam icon, you should select the “Archive” button. You can also select more than one email at the same time, and click on “Archive” once you have accumulated several, and selected all of them.

Unlike spam, this button will move the emails to the Archive folder, without considering them spam. This way, your distant cousin or your son’s elementary school class representative (now he’s in America, for a PhD) won’t be marked as unwanted by Gmail, but also won’t always be in front of your eyes when opening the email inbox. A convenient alternative for those who love to maintain contacts.

You will then easily find all the useless emails inside the “Archive” folder, present at the end of the Gmail folder list.

Separating Email Subscriptions

This service is probably one of the most useful of Gmail, and – if well managed – allows you to really keep the email inbox tidy, even having dozens of subscriptions to the most disparate online services.

Let’s say your Gmail mail is this: This is the address where Aunt Natalina sends you wishes for new year, and it will always remain the main reference address.

Imagine, however, that you want to subscribe to the online information service, with the latest news on the Romagna Water Dog. The emails from this service interest you, but you want to keep them separate from Aunt Natalina’s emails, and from those of work. With Gmail, it’s really simple.

Without doing anything on your mailbox, when you subscribe to the Lagotto Romagnolo Water Dog information service use this email, written exactly like this:

There’s nothing else to do, and all emails about the Lagotto will be delivered without any other activity on your part.

In practice, you can add any extension to your Gmail email box, simply by adding a “+” after the real address.

all these emails, for example, will be delivered normally in your mailbox, while keeping organized and separate. Just as an example:


and so on…

Performing a Google Privacy Check

Often, Google or Gmail, upon opening the mailbox or connecting to the account, proposes to “Perform a security check and a privacy check”. It’s a procedure that only takes a few minutes and should not be continuously ignored.
If Google suggests it, it probably has its reasons.

The procedure is completely automatic, and the instructions are quite clear and easy to follow. It consists of several different steps, including checking the access systems to your mailbox, but also the list of passwords that you may have saved on your profile.

Google checks whether one or more passwords have been used elsewhere on the web, and advises you to change them. It’s wise to follow the advice, if a password has been used elsewhere, sooner or later they will also reach your account.

Telegram Escort Scam

Telegram Escort Scam

For a long time, I wondered how the many “escorts” found on social media, particularly on Telegram, managed to make money.

Even in Italy, in fact, albeit a bit slower compared to the rest of the technological world, this communication and social system is gaining traction.

Obviously, the very first explorers – and I would also say pioneers of the scam system on Telegram – are males, who we might describe as “ardent”. Ready for anything just to see a bit of exposed skin.

The so-called keyboard lions, those who send their own pornographic photos to any account they find, as long as it has a name that is even remotely feminine. And who, obviously, fall for it like pears (no offense intended, we’re joking and we’re here to highlight the danger) at the first chat with a hint of a woman.

How the Telegram Escort Scam Works

Normally, the fake escort, because that’s what it is, starts with a message left in some Telegram group. Here’s an example:

I am an escort available for any sexual pleasure if you are interested contact me for more details and to have my nude spent a beautiful moment of pleasure with me for free😍

As I’ve read in other interesting articles on this subject, men who respond thinking they’re really going to meet the escort, or to get free photos or pornographic videos, must have disconnected their brain after the first word. Reading carefully, one notices some very unusual linguistic inflections, which should at least light a spark in the gray matter. Ladies, forgive me, but I don’t think they have much to do with the matter, except to check on some husband or partner who is too diligent in sending Telegram messages. Our alpha male, then, will set off to conquer the fake escort girl on Telegram, and start the chat. The girl, or rather the foreign person hiding behind the Telegram chat – probably with a beard and hairs sticking out of short shorts and short white socks – will then send another couple of photos. Even in this case, as with the text, with a bit of attention, one understands that it’s all fake. The escort girl is always young, not too young because that would be suspicious, usually between 24 and 28.

How They Steal Money on Telegram

So far, nothing bad has happened, unless the wife or partner picks up the phone while the alpha male is drooling. The guy will then ask for a meeting, after reading the rates the fake escort sent him. Here’s an example, although the variability is quite high:

  • 1h 100 €
  • 2h 150 €
  • 3 hours 180 €
  • One night € 200
  • One day 250 €
  • € 400 for the weekend

The next question from the big guy will be: “How can I meet you?” And here, beware, the scam begins. The male is now boiled, understands nothing anymore, and perhaps will have in front of him the various fake photos that the gentleman behind the keyboard, while eating chips, will have sent. The brain is completely disconnected, and here’s how to scam a person on Telegram or any other social media.

  • yes, you can meet me tomorrow but you need to reserve your spot for tomorrow
  • to meet me you will pay a reservation of 50 € to make sure you really come to me and then I send you my home address and you automatically reach me
  • the reservation is not made through an xxxyyy online recharge link, do you want me to send you the link?

The link leads to a site where you can pay with many different systems, you recharge a prepaid card that can be registered to anyone in the world. There are no guarantees, and the site where the transaction occurs does not offer any insurance for the payment, or refund. In reality, the site where you are sent is just a mediator, although I imagine they can guess what kind of transactions these are. Useless, once paid, to ask for a refund. Also because you probably won’t find anyone to ask. If you object with a technical problem, or a doubt, here’s an alternative right away: go to the tobacconist, or better to the “distributor” and recharge a Google credit of 50 euros:

go to the gas station to pay for a 50 € Google Play card that’s all

You can imagine the next part yourselves, at this point. The fake Telegram escort disappears with the 50 euros for the reservation, and you will never find them again.

Telegram offers anonymity and privacy, but the same scam can easily be executed with many other social and communication systems.

The 50 euros will disappear into the net, and your hairy escort friend will drink a coke to your health, immediately moving on to pluck another pigeon.

The only solution is to engage your brain before taking action on all communication platforms.

The signs, if you choose to read them, are all there, and it’s necessary to always keep your eyes open. The male is usually attracted to the non-professional escort, often by the amateur milf who does it “only now and then” or by the one who, poor thing, needs to pay for university.

These things do not exist; they are solely and exclusively smoky images in the brain of those who want to be convinced. If you want to throw away your 50 euros to be convinced, otherwise use them to do something more useful.

Introducing StarNet: The Revolutionary Elderly Care Solution


Introducing StarNet: The Revolutionary Elderly Care Solution

In today’s fast-paced world, caring for the elderly has become a priority for many families. StarNet emerges as a beacon of innovation, tailored specifically for those living alone, whether elderly or not, by leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance their quality of life and ensure their safety.

What is StarNet?

StarNet, a forward-thinking startup, aims to transform the lives of the elderly through a technologically advanced solution. By integrating artificial intelligence, StarNet provides a personalized monitoring and assistance system. This system not only improves the safety and well-being of the elderly but also offers peace of mind to their families.

Technical Innovations Behind StarNet

At the heart of StarNet’s solution is the smart integration of Filemaker for robust data and workflow management. This ensures that every aspect of the user’s needs and interactions are meticulously organized and accessible. Further enhancing StarNet’s capabilities is Twilio, integrated for its reliable messaging system, allowing for seamless sending and receiving of WhatsApp messages. This combination of technologies enables StarNet to offer an efficient, user-friendly service that operates smoothly through WhatsApp, eliminating the need for any additional app installations.

Designed for Everyone

While StarNet is particularly beneficial for the elderly, it is designed to support anyone living alone. Its user-friendly interface through WhatsApp means there’s no learning curve or the need to adapt to new technologies. Everything operates within a platform they are already familiar with.

No App Installation Required

One of StarNet’s key advantages is its simplicity. There’s no need to install another app or learn a new tool. If you can use WhatsApp, you can easily interact with StarNet. This approach not only makes it accessible to a wider audience but also ensures that users can start benefiting from its services without any hassle.

StarNet represents a significant leap forward in elderly care. By utilizing familiar technology to deliver sophisticated care solutions, it promises to improve the lives of many, ensuring they remain safe, connected, and well-cared for. Visit to learn more about how StarNet is redefining elderly care through innovation.

FREE DEMO of StarNet

🌟 Ready to see StarNet in action? 🚀 Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize the way you manage your business with our cutting-edge technology. Click here to sign up for a FREE demo and experience firsthand how our solutions can streamline your operations and boost your efficiency.
Let’s embark on this journey of innovation together! 🌐 LINK to STARNET DEMO FREE

Casella Gmail piena? Propositi per il 2023: eliminare lo spam

La casella Gmail, come l’account di iCloud o altri gestori di posta, è lo spazio digitale più importante per un utente digitale. Come evitate di accumulare piatti sporchi in cucina, nello stesso modo la casella email Gmail Google deve essere mantenuta libera dall’immondizia digitale, anche per scongiurare il più possibile i tentativi sempre più comuni di phishing.

Come mai la casella si riempie di tanto spam, o di messaggi indesiderati di posta?

E’ sufficiente rispondere una volta a una mail indesiderata, o cliccare su un link, oppure chiedere informazioni compilando qualche modulo online che non rispetti le norme sulla privacy, per vedersi riempire di messaggi inutili, provenienti da tutto il mondo. Proposte di acquisti di ogni tipo, come prima cosa, seguite poi da tentativi di truffa di cui abbiamo già ampiamente parlato sul nostro blog.

Per il 2023 un nuovo proposito digitale potrebbe riguardare la pulizia della casella email Gmail o iCloud, mantenendo lo spazio digitale più pulito possibile, e tentando di eliminare le perdite di tempo e i pericoli del web.

Vediamo come fare, prendendo ad esempio una casella Gmail, anche se la procedura è valida per qualsiasi altra casella di posta elettronica.

Eliminare lo spam da Gmail

In questo la casella Gmail offre un aiuto non da poco. Grazie ai sistemi di Google, la casella è già libera, per quanto possibile, da tutti gli indirizzi che inviano spam conosciuti. Questo non vuol dire che sia del tutto pulita, ma Gmail ci offre un supporto decisivo. Lo spam, phishing e malware noto è bloccato da Google per oltre il 99%. Rimane una piccola quota da vedere manualmente, di solito riguarda indirizzi non ancora noti, o tentativi meno “grezzi” da parte di hacker di tutto il mondo.

E’ tutto davvero semplice. Dal client di posta, ovvero dalla pagina web della casella di posta Gmail, è sufficiente cliccare sull’icona (o a seconda dei sistemi cliccare con il tasto destro) e confermare “Segnala come spam”. Da questo momento la provenienza di quella mail sarà bloccata dai sistemi Gmail, e buttata direttamente nella cartella di posta indesiderata. Semplice, no?

Archiviare le mail già lette

Dopo aver fatto incetta di messaggi e messaggini inutili da parte di conoscenti e amici, con tutte le immagini disponibili sul web degli auguri per il 2023, con spumante e bicchieri, o notti piene di fuochi artificiali, è giunto il momento di pensare al nuovo anno.

Non volete, magari per pietà, mettere nello spam la mail di auguri, che è servita solo a movimentare il traffico del web, e che avete guardato per un massimo di 2 secondi. Come fare, dunque, per evitare che ogni futura mail da parte dell’amico del mare finisca nella spam?

L’operazione è semplice come quella precedente. In questo caso, però, invece che l’icona per lo spam, dovrete selezionare il tasto “Archivia”. Potete anche selezionare più di una mail contemporaneamente, e cliccare su “Archivia” una volta che ne avrete accumulate diverse, e selezionate tutte.

A differenza dello spam, questo tasto sposterà le mail nella cartella Archivio, senza considerarle spam. In questo modo il cugino lontano o la rappresentante di classe di vostro figlio alle elementari (ora lui è in America, per un PhD), non sarà bollata come indesiderata da Gmail, ma nemmeno sarà sempre davanti ai vostri occhi all’apertura della casella di posta elettronica. Una comoda alternativa per chi ama mantenere i contatti.

Troverete poi facilmente tutte le mail inutili dentro la cartella “Archivio”, presente alla fine delle lista cartelle Gmail.

Separare gli abbonamenti email

Questo servizio è probabilmente fra i più utili di Gmail, e – se ben gestito – permette di mantenere davvero in ordine la casella di posta elettronica, anche avendo decine di abbonamenti ai servizi più disparati online.

Mettiamo che la vostra mail Gmail sia questa: Questo è l’indirizzo dove la zia Natalina vi manda gli auguri per il 2023, e rimarrà sempre l’indirizzo principale di riferimento.

Immaginiamo però che vogliate abbonarvi al servizio di informazioni online, con le ultime notizie sul Lagotto Romagnolo. Le mail di questo servizio vi interessano, ma volete tenerle separate dalle mail della zia Natalina, e da quelle di lavoro. Con Gmail è davvero semplice.

Senza fare nulla sulla vostra casella di posta, quando vi abbonate al servizio informazioni Lagotto Romagnolo usate questa mail, scritta esattamente così:

Non c’è altro da fare, e tutte le mail sul Lagotto verranno recapitate senza altre attività da parte vostra.

In pratica potrete aggiungere alla vostra casella email Gmail qualsiasi estensione, semplicemente aggiungendo un “+” dopo l’indirizzo reale.

tutte queste mail, ad esempio, saranno recapitate normalmente nella vostra casella di posta, pur mantenendosi ordinate e separate. Solo come esempio:


e così via…

Eseguire un controllo della privacy di Google

Spesso Google o Gmail, all’apertura della casella di posta o connettendosi all’account, propone di “Eseguire un controllo di sicurezza e un controllo della privacy”. E’ una procedura che richiede solo pochi minuti, e non dovrebbe essere ignorata continuamente.

Se Google la propone, probabilmente ha i suoi motivi.

La procedura è del tutto automatica, e le istruzioni sono piuttosto chiare e semplici da seguire. Si compone di alcuni step diversi, fra cui un controllo dei sistemi di accesso alla vostra casella, ma anche della lista di password che avrete eventualmente salvato sul vostro profilo.

Google controlla se una o più password sono state utilizzate altrove sul web, e vi consiglia di cambiarle. Conviene seguire il consiglio, se una password è stata utilizzata altrove, prima o poi arriveranno anche al vostro account.

Data di pubblicazione: 03/01/2023

Roblox fuga di dati forse per ransomware

La società Roblox negli USA è un colosso del gioco online. Roblox è un videogioco di genere MMO sviluppato e pubblicato da Roblox Corporation nel 2006. All’interno del gioco si possono creare alcuni mondi virtuali, ed è sviluppato attraverso il linguaggio di programmazione Lua Script. L’accesso è arrivato a 45 milioni di utenti giornalieri, nel 2021.

Un hacker ha diffuso alcuni documenti su forum online, per circa 4 Gb, contenenti i dati di giochi e dei creatori degli stessi. La pubblicazione fa parte di un tentativo di estorsione contro la Roblox.
I documenti contengono non solo informazioni sui giochi, ma anche informazioni personali sui creatori, inclusi indirizzi email, nomi, riferimenti.

La Roblox in un commento ha spiegato: “Questi documenti rubati sono stati ottenuti illegalmente come parte di un programma di estorsione con cui ci siamo rifiutati di collaborare. Abbiamo agito rapidamente dopo aver appreso dell’incidente, abbiamo ingaggiato esperti indipendenti per integrare il nostro team di sicurezza delle informazioni e abbiamo messo a punto i nostri sistemi per cercare di rilevare e prevenire tentativi simili”.

Roblox è un colosso del gioco online, e vale circa 68 miliardi di dollari. Circa il 50% di tutti i bambini e ragazzi negli USA si collega e fa parte di Roblox. La piattaforma online Roblox consente ai creatori di creare i propri giochi e mondi virtuali, e quindi implementare microtransazioni per monetizzarli.

L’hacker ha pubblicato un archivio di documenti di circa 4 GB e ha pubblicato una selezione di immagini nel post del forum stesso. Le immagini riportano una selezione di indirizzi e-mail, documenti personali di identificazione e fogli di calcolo che sembrano riferirsi ai creatori di Roblox.

Roblox ha aggiunto che “Roblox ha indagato attivamente su un incidente di phishing, che ha coinvolto un dipendente Roblox preso di mira da criminali informatici”.

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